CE BS EN13240 Rated Multi Fuelled Stoves with Boilers

All our CE BS EN13240 Stoves are Multi-Fuel tested as well as being continuously rated burning Solid Mineral Fuel (S.M.F.) Thus these stoves when correctly installed, maintained and operated can burn night and day for an entire Winter Season and beyond! Outputs are given separately in Kilowatts (Kw) for both Wood and S.M.F Burning. All meet the requirements for locating on a 12mm/(1/2") Hearth. This is of particular importance should the Stove be desired for locating onto a combustible floor, i.e. Wooden.

Comprehensive Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals are supplied with each Stove. A Five Year warranty is given as standard with these stoves, subject to correct installation, operation and maintenance as outlined in the manual, this guarantee excludes consumable parts or spares. Beware of imitations and or expensive copies. All our stoves on this page are correctly rated and professionally tested by Gastec in the United Kingdom, and have the authorised responsible signature for the stove. Many of our so-called competition have acquired Chinese Certification or purchased illegible certificates from Eastern European Countries, this is NOT a policy applied, approved or endorsed by WARRIOR Stoves Ltd. Our certificates for the Stoves are available to view on the stove page.

All of these stoves are shipped directly from our enormous U.K. warehouse. We inspect and fit the official Data Rating Plates to each Stove. These Rating Plates are correctly fitted on the inside of the Stove door and are clearly visible when the stove is located in its final and operational location, thus they are as required by British Standards.

Email us for any export requirements.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
WSDGAB Stove:Gabriel C/W Boiler WSDGABBB £399.98 Out Of Stock
WSDGAB Stove:Gabriel Enamelled Black C./W. Boiler WSDGABENBLKBB £549.98 Out Of Stock
WSDGAB Stove:Gabriel Enamelled Maj. Brown C./W. Boiler WSDGABENBRBB £579.98 In Stock
WSDGAB Stove:Gabriel Enamelled Cream C./W. Boiler WSDGABENCRBB £579.98 In Stock
WSDOLI Stove:Olive C/W B.Boiler WSDOLIBB £519.95 Out Of Stock
WSDOLI Stove:Olive Enamelled Black C./W. Boiler WSDOLIENBLKBB £769.99 In Stock
WSDOLI Stove:Olive Enamelled Maj. Brown C./W. Boiler WSDOLIENBRBB £799.99 In Stock
WSDOLI Stove:Olive Enamelled Cream C./W. Boiler WSDOLIENCRBB £799.99 Out Of Stock
WSDAID Stove:Aidan C./W. B.Boiler WSDAIDBB £839.99 In Stock
WSDAID Stove:Aidan Enamelled Black C./W. Boiler WSDAIDENBLKBB £1,139.99 In Stock