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Welcome to the website of WARRIOR Stoves Ltd.

We Sell high quality and top of the range Stoves. Not only do we sell stoves we also have a massive supplementary range of products for the Hearth & Home along with Heating maintenance products and an enormous selection of ‘Chimneas’ for the Garden and Patio, ‘Chimnees’ / ‘Chimineas’ / ‘Chimeneas’ if you prefer!

Most of our high quality Stoves have Officially Passed, been Approved and Exceed the demanding requirements of CE BS EN13240 as well as all current U.K. Building Regulations. Therefore they are suitable for installation into any premises (subject to safe installation). Many models are available with ready fitted advanced Back Boilers for Heating Radiators and Hot Water as well as the vicinity of the stove. All Stoves come as standard in Matt Black with an option to be finished in numerous other Satin finish colours and a lustrous Enamelled Finish is available on some models.

Rest assured, when you purchase a WARRIOR Stove you are not only purchasing an object of great visual desire but One this is equally as impressive for its looks as its optimum functionability and high efficiency. For further information and specification regarding our Supreme stoves please view Stove Collection from the left hand Toolbar, or click here. WARRIOR Stoves deploy a continuous programme of excellence whereby we strive to constantly achieve a product as perfect as practically possible, therefore all our products and in particular our Stoves are subject to continuous testing and improvements where applicable. WARRIOR Stoves also support and are actively engaged in advanced forms of technical manufacturing development within the heating industry.

Research & Development in conjunction with Nottingham University


Warrior Stoves Limited has extensive expertise in manufacturing wood and solid fuel burning stoves over a wide power range in dry or wet (i.e. to provide hot water for central heating) configuration. The research is to integrate the wood burning stove with thermo-acoustic (TA) technology, or in how to utilise the heat produced from the fuel to generate electricity.

A Thermo-Acoustic Engine (TAE) converts heat into acoustic energy with no moving parts by creating a temperature difference across a regenerator connected to a resonant pipe. The sound is then converted to electricity using a linear Alternator. TAE’s are coming out of the laboratory into numerous real world applications where they can generate electricity at low capital cost. Wood is an excellent source of renewable energy to power TAE’s


The knowledge has been developed by the Nottingham University over number of years and lading academics from the School of Engineering and partners. Nottingham University has been working with Warrior to commercialise technology IP via and EPSRC-funded Knowledge Transfer Secondment. This project will allow the department to demonstrate the impact of its research and commercialise the technology and give experience of leading to a team


Wood is a renewable energy source providing zero net carbon emissions. A new stove that also generates electricity will be attractive to a wider customer base, opening new market opportunities to those concerned with reducing their carbon footprint, whilst generating extra income for the customer through carbon trading grants.

This project is strategically important to Warrior as the new stove has potential to provide a parallel “green market” opportunity and to increase Warrior’s visibility in a wider market place due to the contribution to UK’s reduction in carbon pollution.

Warrior is interested in both domestic stoves and commercial higher-powered wood burning stoves that generate higher levels of electricity. The latter may be achieved by using helium as a thermo acoustic (TA) gas. Part of the proposed work will identify the feasibility of these more demanding designs.


• Reduction in UK carbon emission by displacing electrical generation from fossil fuels and also wood as a fuel, further displacing carbon emissions from thermal conversion of fossil fuels.
• Warrior will be able to target greater numbers of sales by supplying stoves with an increasingly ozone-friendly form of heating which allows the free generation of electricity as a by-product.