Chimneas, Barbecues & Firepits

All WARRIOR Stoves ornate Chimneas are made almost entirely from freshly mined Cast Iron, NOT an inferior recyclable material.  They provide a huge amount of heat primarily due to Cast Iron being the best material available for retaining and radiating heat.  Many models offer the added bonus of a cooking grid for perfectly cooked food in the traditional way on an alfresco evening.  Chimneas are also purchased purely for their ornamental stature as well as their highly functional ability, they look great in the patio or garden alike. Escape the increasing problem of identity fraud.  Any of our superb Chimneas, even the smaller versions will incinerate paper that could potentially give your credentials to the criminally minded.

WARRIOR Stoves Chimneas are coated with High-Temperature Resistant paint, they will rust in time, like most metal objects left unattended outside.  Some people find this adds to their aesthetic appeal, either way WARRIOR Stoves provide High-Temperature Resistant Paint in numerous colours for rejuvenating your worn Chimnea.