Stove Pellet:Siria Air+6.5 Pearly White

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Siria Air 6,5 kW

Pellet thermo stove with enforced air ventilation and finished with sophisticated enameled refractory majolica; outer structure, hearth and brazier made of thick cast iron, painted grey anthracite and coated with paint resistant to high temperatures.


• Week programmer

• Automatic switching on and off

• Regulation with 5 levels of heat output

• Remote control for heat output regulation

• Easy-to-use display

• Foreseen for external thermostat

• Coated with paint resistant to high temperatures

• Enforced ventilation

• Primary air

• Secondary air

• Safety thermostat

• Internal thermostat

• Ceramic glass resistant to 750°C

• Thick cast iron brazier and hearth

• Exchanger made of thick steel with two smoke passes and shell and tube heat exchanger with 8 tubes (Ø 20 mm)

• Glass cleaning system

Technical data:

Dimensions mm (h, w, d): 946 x 463 x 530

Net weight (kg): 155

Global heat output min/max (kW): 2.5/6.5

Hourly consumption* min/max (kg/h): 0.5/1.4

Reservoir capacity (kg): 15

Heatable volume** (m3): 160

Autonomy min/max (h): 10/28

*Consumption varies according to the type of pellet used.

** Values calculated according to law 10/91 for households with a thermal requirement of 35 W m3 and a height of 3m.