Stove:ERGOFLAM Air+11.5 Pearly White

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Pellet fuelled thermal air stove

Ergoflam Air Plus, the precious covering in high quality refractory enamelled majolica and the sturdy external structure in high-temperature resistant painted steel makes this stove stand out with stunning design . The stove can be perfectly fitted into any type of home décor with the guarantee of reliability.

Standard features:

  • automatic brazier ignition and shut-down system
  • remote control of the power adjustment
  • “easy to use” control panel
  • programmer to adjust operation according to the time of the day or to record daily, weekly or weekend settings
  • room sensor to ensure that the temperature can be maintained at a constant level
  • self-cleaning ceramic glass
  • Internal cleaning system for heat exchanger and for the removal of soot deposits

Optional: GSM control