Stove Pellet:SINTESI Boiler 27Kw

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Sintesi 27 kW

A pellet boiler with two smoke passes, with red steel finishing, completely insulated and equipped with an inner hatch lined with thick refractory material and ceramic glass window for hermetic closure and insulated outer hatch.


• Week programmer

• Automatic switching on and off

• Regulation with 5 levels of heat output

• Easy-to-use LCD display

• Foreseen for external thermostat

• Built-in expansion vessel, circulator, safety valve and air vent

• Coated with paint resistant to high temperatures

• Primary air

• Secondary air

• Safety thermostat

• Adjustable feet

• Brazier made of thick stainless steel

• Boiler made of thick steel with two smoke passes and shell and tube heat exchanger with 8 tubes (Ø 60) mm and steel turbulator that can be removed for maintenance.

Technical data:

Dimensions mm (h, w, d): 1430 x 575 x 720

Net weight (kg): 290

Global heat output min/max (kW): 9/27

Hourly consumption* min/max (kg/h): 2/5.7

Reservoir capacity (kg): 65

Boiler capacity (l):35

Heatable volume** (m3): 680

Autonomy min/max (h): 11/33

*Consumption varies according to the type of pellet used.

** Values calculated according to law 10/91 for households with a thermal requirement of 35 W m3 and a height of 3m.

Hopper Not Included