Stove Pellet:HYDRA Boiler+ 34 Pearly White

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Pellet fuelled thermal Hydro stoves

A veritable boiler stove, to heat the water of your household for heating purposes as well as for sanitary use, thanks to the integrated Water Flow System kit. It stands out for its contemporary design, with sophisticated enameled refractory majolica and outer structure and brazier made of thick cast iron, painted anthracite grey and coated with paint resistant to high temperature.


• Week programmer

• Automatic switching on and off system

• Regulation with 5 levels of heat output

• Bidirectional remote control with ambient thermostat

• Easy-to-use display

• Foreseen for external temperature thermostat

• Built-in expansion vessel, circulator, safety valves

• Coated with paint resistant to high temperature

• Primary air

• Secondary air

• Safety temperature thermostat

• Ceramic glass resistant to 750°C

• Brazier made of thick stainless steel

• Adjustable feet

• New boiler in very thick steel having two smoke turns and tube bundle made of 12 back tubes Ø 50 mm, 15 front tubes Ø 40 mm, steel turbulators extractable for maintenance

• Glass cleaning system

Technical data:

Dimensions mm (h, w, d): 1355X700X734

Net weight (kg): 415

Global heating power min/max (kW): 9/34

Hourly consumption* min/max (kg/h): 2,1/6,3

Reservoir capacity (kg): 65

Boiler capacity (l): 35

Heatable volume** (m3): 900

Refuel time min/max (h): 10/31

  • Consumption varies according to the type of pellet used.

** Values calculated according to law 10/91 for households with a thermal requirement of 35 W/m3 and a height of 3 m

MCS Approved

Certifications No: HTSMCS1211/07