Homefire Ovals Smokeless Fuel 20Kg (50 PP)(PREM.All)

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20kg Homefire Ovals Smokeless Fuel

20kg Homefire Ovals Smokeless Fuel

Homefire Ovals

Smokeless coal for open fires and multi-fuel stoves

One of our most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, slow-burning Homefire Ovals pack together tightly in the grate to provide maximum heat and minimum waste. Homefire Ovals last up to 40% longer than house coal, generate up to 20% more heat, and produce up to 80% less smoke. It’s not unusual for a Homefire Ovals fire to last for up to nine hours.

  • Last up to 40% longer than house coal

  • Fires can burn up to nine hours

  • Burns with a naturally attractive flame

  • Produces up to 20% more heat than house coal

  • Emits up to 80% less smoke

  • Suitable for smokeless zones

  • HETAS approved

  • Slumbers well overnight